Welkit facing the Covid-19 crisis

Welkit answers your questions

If I order on Welkit how can I have it delivered?

The shipping of your orders is working normally. Your PRO Solutions will be delivered directly to your home (prefer home delivery or barracks rather than the relay point).

Is the delivery time advertised on Welkit reliable?

Yes, the estimate of delivery times is reliable, and if a delay occurs we will notify you by email.

Can I have it delivered safely?

We apply strict safety measures during the preparation of your orders (compulsory wearing of mask and gloves, safety distance, reinforced cleaning ...). As for deliverers, La Poste also applies strict instructions during delivery.

Can I make a return?

Yes our return service as our customer service is operational, however note that the processing time may be extended.

Our measures in the face of COVID-19

As a responsible company, we are closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19. Following the government's announcements and in the face of this intensifying crisis situation, we would like to share with you the measures we have taken to help our employees, their families and our customers to cope during this difficult time. 

1. Take care of our employees

Currently all our teams are in good health, and for it to stay that way it is essential to ensure their safety as much as possible. Taking care of our employees is our priority. This is why we have intensified our cleaning efforts and applied strict safety measures: barrier gestures, provision of hydroalcoholic gel, wearing of gloves and protective masks compulsory for all our order pickers. We have decided to cancel all trips, both abroad and on national soil, as well as all customer appointments and events planned for the coming weeks. We also favor remote work whenever possible. Thus each position that does not require a physical presence in our offices has been relocated to the home of the person concerned. All of our meetings are now conducted by videoconference.

2. Anticipate supplies

From the start of the coronavirus crisis, we focused our efforts and resources on anticipating stock supplies in order to limit as much as possible any breaks that could occur. Sharing with our suppliers more than 30 years of strong commercial partnership, we are happy to be able to count on their reliability and professionalism. Our partners in the four corners of the world are united in the face of the virus, and are doing everything possible to guarantee the continuity of our deliveries. We are therefore certain to ensure the availability of our Professional Solutions for our customers. 

3. Strengthen our logistics system

Fortunately, scientists believe that the risk of contamination by post is almost non-existent, with COVID-19 only surviving a few hours on average on a dry surface. Our carriers have all mobilized to ensure the best possible continuation of the distribution of your packages. For the moment no delay is to be expected for a shipment to France.

Our teams have been briefed, and new safety instructions have been created in our logistics center, such as the implementation of free hydroalcoholic gels or the strengthening of maintenance. All our parcel preparations and our shipments are carried out normally, in other words the same day of the placing of your order in 95% of cases.

4. Ensure the continuity of our services

1st e-commerce site reserved for servants of the State, it is essential for Welkit to continue to provide you with the best possible service for the smooth running of your missions. We have taken the lead in improving the infrastructure of our site, and ensuring the reliability of our web partners. Our site will stay online, more secure and faster than ever.

We offer free delivery from 35 € to your home or on SP, free returns within 100 days, the lowest price guarantee on all our products, and recently the payment in 3 installments free of charge from 150 € of purchases . As for our customer service, it remains at your disposal no matter what.


We know that this crisis worries or at least monopolizes the mind more than is sometimes necessary. We understand the difficulty you are encountering because we also encounter it on an individual basis. And it is obvious that this ordeal will change our habits. Faced with the changes that are taking place, Welkit will only have an obsession to improve, in order to always bring you the best Professional Solutions wherever you are and whatever your mission. Because serving those who are committed to protecting us will always be our privilege and our greatest reward.